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440 Frances St. – Ventura, CA
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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Staging Your Closets

Staging Your ClosetsYes, you heard us right.  When getting ready to put a Ventura home on the market, sellers scrub the kitchens, deep clean the carpets and drapes, get rid of clutter and rearrange the furniture to show off the best features and spaciousness of each room.  But, they tend to forget to stage their closets.

Believe it or not, buyers look everywhere…and we do mean EVERYWHERE, when considering buying a Ventura home.  This includes opening up cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, looking through the pantry and peering into the closets.  They want to view every inch of the property they are considering plunking their hard-earned cash down on.  That means that it may be time for a bit of a makeover when it comes to the inside of your closets.

This is the perfect time to get rid of old clothes, shoes, jackets and accessories that don’t fit or just aren’t worn much anymore.  Consider holding a yard sale.  You may even be able to make a little cash there.  Whatever doesn’t sell can be given away to family, friends or local Ventura area charities, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  Charities are always in need of these items.  Donations are also tax deductible (a good thing to keep in mind, come tax time).

Once you’ve gotten rid of the excess, the actual staging can begin.  Organize your clothing into groups: shirts, pants, dresses, etc.  In each of these groups, place similarly colored items together.  This is much more visually pleasing.  Add a shoe rack to keep your shoes neat and tidy.  Smaller items can be placed in bins or even labeled shoe boxes.  Put smaller luggage inside larger luggage to help save space.  If possible, consider adding some shelving or even have a custom closet organizer installed. If you can’t afford a professional, visit your local home improvement store for ideas.

The whole point of staging your closets is to show them off to their maximum potential. Walk-in closets can especially benefit from a bit of staging.  These same principals can be used when it comes to organizing your pantry and/or kitchen cabinets.  When selling your Ventura home, don’t forget to stage your closets!

Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

Originally posted on our Ventura County real estate blog here:

Often Overlooked Home Staging Areas

Often Overlooked Home Staging AreasSmart Ventura County home sellers stage their homes to highlight its assets and minimize liabilities.  De-cluttering, removing and/or rearranging furniture are just a couple of ways home staging can transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary one.  This is all well and good for the areas you do see (kitchen, bedrooms, living room, bathroom, etc).  But there are some areas that need home staging that aren’t necessarily visible right away.  These are the often overlooked home staging areas.

As we stated in our last post, closets are one area often overlooked during the home staging process, especially if you aren’t using a professional.  Ventura home buyers are notorious for opening up cabinets, looking through drawers and even opening the stove to peer inside.  Walk-in closets, in particular, are a highly sought-after item on a buyer’s checklist.  You want yours to look its best.  Minimize clutter by getting rid of all the old stuff you don’t wear.  Smaller luggage pieces can be stored inside bigger items.  Shoe racks keep shoes organized.  Even adding a couple of shelves can impress a buyer.

I guarantee your kitchen cabinets and pantry will be given the “once over”.  Stack plates, bowls, etc, neatly inside.  When organizing your pantry, think about what a grocery store shelf looks like as inspiration.  Before anyone sees your house, empty out the trash bin.  Smelly garbage is not what you want potential buyers remembering.

Ventura County buyers also check out the garage.  Store all boxes neatly.  Keep tools put away in tool boxes or organized on the shelves/wall unit.  Extra items that are rarely used can be kept up in the rafters.  Even the garage needs to be neat and tidy when selling your Ventura home.

It’s not just the stuff you see right away that needs to be addressed when selling your home.  There are a few common areas that are often overlooked during the home staging process. In a competitive market like Ventura County real estate, you need to make your home stand out from the rest.  As they say, the devil’s in the details.  Don’t let your home be the devil of you.

Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

Originally posted on our Ventura County real estate blog here: