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channel islands whale watching

Channel Islands Whale Watching Season 2018 Open for Business

Living near the ocean gives us access to an amazing lifestyle here in Ventura County. Our homes sit right on the migratory highway for some of the world’s largest mammals: whales. Right now, the Channel Islands whale watching season 2018 is open for business. It’s your chance to view these fantastic sea creatures as they make their way along the Pacific Ocean waterway.

The Channel Islands whale watching season 2018 is open for business. Watch these amazing creatures migrate to their calving grounds in Mexico and back up to their feeding grounds in Alaska between now and mid-April.

What: Channel Islands Whale Watching Season 2018
Where: Island Packers (3600 S Harbor Blvd, Oxnard, CA)
When: Now through Mid-April
Cost: Varies
Contact: Island Packers (805) 642-1393 or via email

Channel Islands Whale Watching Season 2018

Spouting, breaching, diving, spyhopping. Whatever you see whales do feels simply magical. And it all happens right in our own Oxnard backyard. On one three hour Channel Islands whale watching expedition, you may see gray whales, humpbacks, sea lions, seals, dolphins, and even an occasional orca/killer whale pod or two.

Island Packers offers kayak tours, guided island tours, harbor cruises, and even overnight camping trips on the Channel Islands. Seats are limited and sell fast. So, contact Island Packers right away to reserve your spot on the next winter tour.

Recommended Gear

To make your Channel Islands whale watching all it can possibly be, the experts recommend you bring along certain gear on your tour. For example, always bring a jacket. While the weather may be chilly to start, don’t be surprised when the sun pops out in the afternoon. Layered clothing keeps you comfortable. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen. Even overcast days allow harmful UV rays through, making sunburns a very real possibility. Protect your skin. Add a hat and sunglasses to keep your eyes safe, as well. Also, binoculars, while not required, really help bring these incredible creatures into focus. Finally, don’t forget your camera! You’ll be so sad if you miss a photo-op with the seals, dolphins, whales or any other wildlife on your sea-faring adventure.

Dave & Pat Zumbrun, your Ventura County real estate specialists