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440 Frances St. - Ventura, CA - 3 Bed/2 Bath Home for Sale

SOLD! $775,000
440 Frances St. – Ventura, CA
3 Bed/2 Bath


Under Contract - 1205 Church St
SOLD! $2,415,000
2305 Church St.
Ventura, CA
Gorgeous View Home on 1.86 acres

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What is My Ventura Home Worth?

Before you put your property on the market, ask yourself "what is my Ventura home worth?" There are several ways to determine a proper list price.Before you sell your Ventura home, you will want to determine a proper asking price.  If you ask too much, your home could languish on the market for a long time.  You will most likely have to reduce your asking price after a while and may eventually sell it for less than you would have if you had priced it right to begin with.  To find out what the “proper asking price” is, you need to ask yourself “what is my Ventura home worth?”

There are a few different ways you can find out what your home is worth in the Ventura community.  Real estate websites like Zillow and Trulia offer up automatic valuation models (AVMs).  They use the data they have on hand, such as their inventory of homes for sale in the area, how much homes have sold for, etc.  What you will quickly find, though, is that this data can vary quite a bit from site to site.  If you use AVMs, you may want to visit three or four sites and then use the average of all the sites you visited.

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Another way to find out what your Ventura home is worth is to hire an appraiser.  This will cost you a few hundred dollars.  The initial investment could bring you a little more money in the long run.  That is because, not only will you find out what your property is worth on the current market, but the appraiser could help you identify potential problem areas that you may want to address before you put it on the market.  Fix these problems beforehand and you might be able to ask a little more for your home.  However, like snowflakes, no two appraisers are alike.

When working with a Ventura REALTOR®, you have access to more information than most people.  That is because an experienced REALTOR® is well versed in the local market trends as well as what is selling in your neighborhood.  They can access the local MLS to find out what has sold in your neighborhood recently.  They will be able to take into account any upgrades and improvements you have made to your home and adjust the list price accordingly.  Ask your REALTOR® to run a Comparative Market Analysis.

What is my Ventura home worth?  This is an important question to ask yourself before putting your home up for sale.  Keep in mind that your property is only worth what a Buyer is willing to pay for it.  This may be more or less than what you have invested in your home.  Contact the Z Team today to get your house on the market tomorrow.

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Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

Staging Your Closets

Staging Your ClosetsYes, you heard us right.  When getting ready to put a Ventura home on the market, sellers scrub the kitchens, deep clean the carpets and drapes, get rid of clutter and rearrange the furniture to show off the best features and spaciousness of each room.  But, they tend to forget to stage their closets.

Believe it or not, buyers look everywhere…and we do mean EVERYWHERE, when considering buying a Ventura home.  This includes opening up cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, looking through the pantry and peering into the closets.  They want to view every inch of the property they are considering plunking their hard-earned cash down on.  That means that it may be time for a bit of a makeover when it comes to the inside of your closets.

This is the perfect time to get rid of old clothes, shoes, jackets and accessories that don’t fit or just aren’t worn much anymore.  Consider holding a yard sale.  You may even be able to make a little cash there.  Whatever doesn’t sell can be given away to family, friends or local Ventura area charities, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  Charities are always in need of these items.  Donations are also tax deductible (a good thing to keep in mind, come tax time).

Once you’ve gotten rid of the excess, the actual staging can begin.  Organize your clothing into groups: shirts, pants, dresses, etc.  In each of these groups, place similarly colored items together.  This is much more visually pleasing.  Add a shoe rack to keep your shoes neat and tidy.  Smaller items can be placed in bins or even labeled shoe boxes.  Put smaller luggage inside larger luggage to help save space.  If possible, consider adding some shelving or even have a custom closet organizer installed. If you can’t afford a professional, visit your local home improvement store for ideas.

The whole point of staging your closets is to show them off to their maximum potential. Walk-in closets can especially benefit from a bit of staging.  These same principals can be used when it comes to organizing your pantry and/or kitchen cabinets.  When selling your Ventura home, don’t forget to stage your closets!

Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

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Often Overlooked Home Staging Areas

Often Overlooked Home Staging AreasSmart Ventura County home sellers stage their homes to highlight its assets and minimize liabilities.  De-cluttering, removing and/or rearranging furniture are just a couple of ways home staging can transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary one.  This is all well and good for the areas you do see (kitchen, bedrooms, living room, bathroom, etc).  But there are some areas that need home staging that aren’t necessarily visible right away.  These are the often overlooked home staging areas.

As we stated in our last post, closets are one area often overlooked during the home staging process, especially if you aren’t using a professional.  Ventura home buyers are notorious for opening up cabinets, looking through drawers and even opening the stove to peer inside.  Walk-in closets, in particular, are a highly sought-after item on a buyer’s checklist.  You want yours to look its best.  Minimize clutter by getting rid of all the old stuff you don’t wear.  Smaller luggage pieces can be stored inside bigger items.  Shoe racks keep shoes organized.  Even adding a couple of shelves can impress a buyer.

I guarantee your kitchen cabinets and pantry will be given the “once over”.  Stack plates, bowls, etc, neatly inside.  When organizing your pantry, think about what a grocery store shelf looks like as inspiration.  Before anyone sees your house, empty out the trash bin.  Smelly garbage is not what you want potential buyers remembering.

Ventura County buyers also check out the garage.  Store all boxes neatly.  Keep tools put away in tool boxes or organized on the shelves/wall unit.  Extra items that are rarely used can be kept up in the rafters.  Even the garage needs to be neat and tidy when selling your Ventura home.

It’s not just the stuff you see right away that needs to be addressed when selling your home.  There are a few common areas that are often overlooked during the home staging process. In a competitive market like Ventura County real estate, you need to make your home stand out from the rest.  As they say, the devil’s in the details.  Don’t let your home be the devil of you.

Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

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A Good Marketing Plan is Key to Selling Your Ventura Home

A Good Marketing Plan is Key to Selling Your Ventura HomeTrying to sell your Ventura County home?  In today’s economic climate, that may seem like a superhuman task.  But, it’s not.  A good marketing plan is key to selling your Ventura home.  With a little work and planning, you can have a successful home sale.

Over the years, The Z Team has cultivated a marketing plan that optimizes your Ventura home’s assets and gives you the most exposure.  The first step is to evaluate your home’s condition to determine if any repairs or adjustments (including home staging suggestions) need to be made so that your home makes the best first impression possible.  It is important for your home to put its best foot forward since the first few weeks are when a listing gets the most traffic.  Our recommendations are made specifically to help you get the most you can for your home.

Next, we run a Comparative Market Analysis report that lists other Ventura County homes in your neighborhood with similar amenities to your own home to get a realistic view of what you can expect to sell your home for.  Listing your home at an appropriate price can be a crucial piece of the home sale puzzle.  Overpriced homes tend to languish on the market longer and tend to sell for less money than if you had listed it competitively to begin with.  It’s hard to place a “real” value on our own homes since they hold so many cherished memories.  You will need to set your personal feelings aside, including how much you owe, how much you “think” it should be worth, how much money you have put into the house and so on in order to have a clear picture of what to expect your home to sell for.

After we have agreed on the sales price, your Ventura home will then be listed with the Ventura MLS and CARETS (the California MLS) so that it is seen by our network of real estate agents and brokers.  The MLS is the “go-to” for real estate professionals to find homes on the market.  After that, The Z Team will arrange the brokers caravan (which is the first time a broker will physically see your home and determine whether they want to recommend it to their clients or not).  We also take care of photographs, signs and ordering the lock box for your home.

Since studies show that most buyers turn to the internet first when looking for a Ventura home (even before they have contacted and/or hired a REALTOR® of their own), it is important to make sure your listing is posted online.  In addition to advertising your listing on our own website, we will get your listing syndicated to top real estate sites (such as Trulia, Zillow, Real Bird and more) as well as social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) so that your home gets the exposure necessary to bring in the buyers.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, you can imagine what a video says.  Your Real Bird listing can be made into a video that will then be posted on You Tube for even more exposure.  As special “Showcase” subscribers on, your Ventura home will be placed on more than 60 websites (including,, The Wall Street Journal Online and Craigslist).

Finally, we still network with other Southern California agents via colorful email flyers.  When you hire The Z Team to represent your Ventura home sale, you can rest assured that we are committed to getting the job done.  A good marketing plan is key to selling your Ventura home.  Please contact us today so we can sit down with you and create a strategy to get your home sold as soon as possible.

Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

Originally posted on our Ventura County real estate blog here: