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440 Frances St. - Ventura, CA - 3 Bed/2 Bath Home for Sale

SOLD! $775,000
440 Frances St. – Ventura, CA
3 Bed/2 Bath


Under Contract - 1205 Church St
SOLD! $2,415,000
2305 Church St.
Ventura, CA
Gorgeous View Home on 1.86 acres

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What is My Ventura Home Worth?

Before you put your property on the market, ask yourself "what is my Ventura home worth?" There are several ways to determine a proper list price.Before you sell your Ventura home, you will want to determine a proper asking price.  If you ask too much, your home could languish on the market for a long time.  You will most likely have to reduce your asking price after a while and may eventually sell it for less than you would have if you had priced it right to begin with.  To find out what the “proper asking price” is, you need to ask yourself “what is my Ventura home worth?”

There are a few different ways you can find out what your home is worth in the Ventura community.  Real estate websites like Zillow and Trulia offer up automatic valuation models (AVMs).  They use the data they have on hand, such as their inventory of homes for sale in the area, how much homes have sold for, etc.  What you will quickly find, though, is that this data can vary quite a bit from site to site.  If you use AVMs, you may want to visit three or four sites and then use the average of all the sites you visited.

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Another way to find out what your Ventura home is worth is to hire an appraiser.  This will cost you a few hundred dollars.  The initial investment could bring you a little more money in the long run.  That is because, not only will you find out what your property is worth on the current market, but the appraiser could help you identify potential problem areas that you may want to address before you put it on the market.  Fix these problems beforehand and you might be able to ask a little more for your home.  However, like snowflakes, no two appraisers are alike.

When working with a Ventura REALTOR®, you have access to more information than most people.  That is because an experienced REALTOR® is well versed in the local market trends as well as what is selling in your neighborhood.  They can access the local MLS to find out what has sold in your neighborhood recently.  They will be able to take into account any upgrades and improvements you have made to your home and adjust the list price accordingly.  Ask your REALTOR® to run a Comparative Market Analysis.

What is my Ventura home worth?  This is an important question to ask yourself before putting your home up for sale.  Keep in mind that your property is only worth what a Buyer is willing to pay for it.  This may be more or less than what you have invested in your home.  Contact the Z Team today to get your house on the market tomorrow.

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2305 S Victoria Ave, Oxnard, CA - Click here to find out more about this beautiful waterfront Ventura area home for sale

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