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ventura dare and dash

Join Ventura’s Own Amazing Race

Join Ventura's Own Amazing Race - Ventura's Dare and Dash is the local version of The Amazing Race that pits several 2-person teams against each other to complete tasks and find checkpoints in downtown Ventura and along the beachfront.CBS’ The Amazing Race is a show that pits several two-person teams against each other in a global obstacle course/scavenger hunt-type of competition.  It’s always interesting to see how these teams react to the situations they are put in.  If you think this is something you’d like to do, you don’t have to worry about going through the long, arduous audition process involved in becoming part of the TV show.  Instead, join Ventura‘s own Amazing Race.

The Ventura Dare and Dash is Ventura‘s take on The Amazing Race TV show. Instead of the competition taking place over several weeks in foreign countries, it is a local competition taking place over the course of just one day, August 11, 2012.  Each two-person team will be given the chance to complete up to 18 objectives at checkpoints throughout Downtown Ventura and the beach front.  All teams will be competing on foot only.  No cars, bikes or skates are allowed.  Each team can use their smartphone to document a completed task or call friends for help.  The first team to find all 18 checkpoints and complete the tasks assigned wins.

If you and a friend are interested in teaming up for Ventura’s own version of The Amazing Race, you can sign up at the City of Ventura website or by calling (805) 658-4726 from 8am to 5pm Monday through Thursday The cost per team is just $20.  Ventura’s Dare and Dash is a fun way to explore downtown and the beach with a healthy dose of competition thrown in.


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