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California Coastal Cleanup 2020 in Ventura

For many Ventura County residents, the beach represents their happy place. Surfing, swimming, and sunbathing contribute to our way of life. California Coastal Cleanup 2020 challenges everyone to protect their “happy place” by signing up to clean the city’s streets, parks, and beaches.

Help keep your city clean by participating in California Coastal Cleanup 2020 in Ventura throughout Sept. This year, the event goes virtual.

California Coastal Cleanup 2020

Search Ventura County homes for saleLast year, more than 74,000 volunteers cleaned up their local areas all over the state in one day. This year, the California Coastal Cleanup looks a little different. For one thing, it takes place throughout the entire month of September. For another, the official dates fall on each Saturday of the month from 9 am to noon. However, organizers want to encourage as many people as possible to contribute to the cleanup. Therefore, they allow cleanup any day of the week and any time of the day that fits with your schedule.

How to Participate

First of all, visit the Coastal Cleanup website. Organizers strongly discourage large gatherings of people to lessen the chances of spreading COVID-19. If you feel ill, stay at home. Check the air quality before you head out. Wear masks and stay at least six feet away from anyone you do not live with.

You will need to provide your own clean up equipment, such as gloves and trash bags. Do not touch sharp objects such as syringes. Leave any object too large to fit in your trash bin. Wear closed-toed shoes for your protection. Avoid touching your face. Safety remains a top priority.

Where to Clean

Your only limitation to where you clean is where you see trash. Start on the streets outside of your house. Anything that falls into the ditches on the side of our roads ends up in the storm drains. Eventually, everything in the storm drains ends up in the ocean. Unfortunately, that harms all living creatures that live there, too. Clear any storm drains you see stopped up, providing it is safe to do so. Parks, school grounds, community centers, and beaches also make great places to spread out and pick up debris as well.

How to Track Your Progress

Download the Clean Swell app onto your smartphone. Then, record every single bit of trash you pick up. This helps keep the Ocean Conservancy’s database as up to date as possible.

Dave & Pat Zumbrun, your Ventura County real estate specialists

Downtown Ventura Raffle Benefits Victims of Thomas Fire

In the first week of December, several fires broke out throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, including the Thomas Fire. Consequently, it feels as if the entire Southern California area has been set ablaze. As of this morning, the Thomas Fire was 45% contained and headed toward Montecito. As a result, it’s managed to take down 750 homes. Due to this tragedy, local businesses want to do something to help those affected. Therefore, they’ve put together a Downtown Ventura raffle. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit victims of the Thomas Fire.

All money raised from the Downtown Ventura raffle will be given to the Ventura County United Way to directly benefit victims of Thomas Fire.

Downtown Ventura Raffle

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With #downtownventurastrong, several local businesses banded together to create a Downtown Ventura raffle. Between now and December 21st, visit any participating business to pick up your raffle ticket. Your $5 ticket could net you a prize of $30 to $50 in gift cards to spend at various businesses in the downtown area. Fifteen lucky winners will be chosen in a drawing held on December 22nd from the entries. Feel free to purchase more than one if you’d like. Proceeds benefit the United Way of Ventura County, earmarked specifically for those impacted by the Thomas Fire.

Businesses Participating in the Downtown Ventura Raffle

  • Aloha Steakhouse
  • B on Main
  • Beloiseau Boutique & Gallery
  • Buenaventura Gallery
  • Cibara Salon
  • Harvest Cafe
  • La Catrina Folk Art
  • Latitudes Fine Art Gallery
  • MidiQueen Handbags
  • Plum Gift Boutique
  • The Refill Shop
  • Rosie Lee Imports
  • Sea Things
  • Tattered Door
  • Ventura Visitor’s Bureau

We want to thank everyone who participates. Whether it be those directly affected by the fires, firefighters, or their families, this Christmas is going to be especially difficult for many. Please do whatever you can to help.

Dave & Pat Zumbrun, your Ventura County real estate specialists

Ventura Veterans Day Ceremony 2017

Since our very first days as a nation, more than 40 million people have served in the military. These amazing men and women made incredible sacrifices to defend our country. They deserve our respect. To honor every person who played their part, the City hosts a Ventura Veterans Day Ceremony 2017 this Saturday.

Come to the Ventura County Government Center at 11am on Nov 11th for the official Ventura Veterans Day Ceremony 2017 honoring all men and women who served.

What: Ventura Veterans Day Ceremony 2017
Where: Ventura County Govt Center (800 Victoria Ave)
When: Saturday, November 11th, 11 am
Admission: FREE

Origin of Veterans Day

Veterans Day actually began as “Armistice Day” in 1919 to commemorate the anniversary of the end of the “great war” (World War I). In 1926, Congress sought to make this a date of observance. In 1938, November 11th became an official national holiday. After World War II and the Korean War, President Eisenhower changed the name from “Armistice Day” to “Veterans Day”. Between 1971 and 1975, the date was moved to the 4th Monday in October. However, President Ford changed it back to November 11th in honor of the significance of the date and the origination of the holiday.

Ventura Veterans Day Ceremony 2017

Beginning at 11 am, US Navy Captain Chris Janke joins City and County officials as they pay tribute to veterans of all branches of the military. The service takes place at the flag poles located at Victoria and Telephone. This brief Ventura Veterans Day Ceremony 2017 concludes with an official laying of wreaths to signify each branch.

Free Services for Veterans on Veterans Day 2017

Many US businesses express their thanks to our military members by offering free meals and services on Veterans Day. For a complete nationwide list of where you can take advantage of these free offers, please visit the Military Benefits website. You can also visit Military Bridge’s website to locate local Ventura County locations offering free and discounted meals, admission, shopping, and services.

Featured Listing

10929 Encino Dr Oak View CA

For more information on this and other Ventura County homes for sale, please visit our Featured Listings page.

Dave & Pat Zumbrun, your Ventura County real estate specialists

Ventura Residents Rank Among Happiest in the US

National Geographic released their list of the 25 Happiest Cities in the US. Guess what? We made the list. Yes, Ventura residents rank among the happiest in the entire United States. To be more specific, the entire Oxnard/Thousand Oaks/Ventura made the list.

According to National Geographic, Ventura residents rank among the happiest people in the US thanks to the weather, beach access, and nearby forests.

Ventura Residents Come in 20th

Eight of the 25 Happiest Cities in the US are located right here in California. Ventura residents came in at the #20 spot. The team at National Geographic highlighted our beautiful weather and beaches as well as the closeness of Los Padres and Angeles National Forests as reasons why Ventura residents were so happy.

How Were Rankings Determine?

The National Geographic team took several factors into consideration 15 separate factors. Some of these included healthy eating habits, lifestyle, activity level, financial security, the amount of vacation time taken, amount of civic engagement and dental checkups. Yes, dental checkups. For some reason, areas where people visit their dentists more often tend to be happier. Maybe it’s because happy people like to smile. You need good teeth to feel good about smiling. Easy access to water also makes people happy. So, it makes sense that a coastal community like ours made the list.

How Can I Increase my Happiness?

  • Be active – Get some exercise. That could mean walking, bicycling, skating, skateboarding. Whatever it is, just get out there and move!
  • Eat healthier – We have several local farmers markets that provide great, locally sourced food. Visit them weekly to use in your family’s dinner.
  • Get a hobby – Find something you enjoy doing and do it regularly.
  • Go to the beach – Happy people love the water. Surfing, swimming, volleyball or beachside barbecues. They all make people happy.
  • Give back to your community – Volunteer at a senior center, local hospital or animal shelter.
  • Sleep – Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.
  • Set a goal – They don’t have to be big goals. Maybe you want to run a marathon. Start with running a mile a day. Then, increase it to two. Then, three. And so on and so on. Track your progress. You’ll be marathon-ready before you know it.
  • Take a vacation – Even a quick weekend getaway out of your normal routine can add happiness to your life.

Featured Listing

1093 Purcell Ln Ventura CA

For more information on this and other Ventura County homes for sale, please visit our Featured Listings page.

Dave & Pat Zumbrun, your Ventura County real estate specialists

Ventura Dirty Car Challenge 2014

Ventura Dirty Car Challenge 2014

Ventura Water has issued a Dirty Car Challenge 2014 for July. Post pics of your dirty car to their Facebook page and you may win a free car wash or a complete car detail by the end of the month.As you have most likely heard, California is in dire straits with their water situation.  Ventura residents are being asked to conserve as much water as possible, wherever possible.  That’s why the city has issued the Ventura Dirty Car Challenge 2014.

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For the month of July, Ventura residents are asked to stop washing their cars, especially those people that wash their cars at home.  A typical Ventura home car wash will use up 80-150 gallons in just one wash.  When you go to a commercial car wash like Market St or Five Points, their machines only use around 45 gallons per car wash.  And, many commercial washes recycle their water, further lessening the amount of water resources utilized per vehicle.

Ventura Water is holding a free car wash giveaway.  All you have to do is like the Ventura Water Facebook page and post a picture of your very own dirty car.  If your picture gets the most “likes”, you will receive a free car wash from Five Points.  One free car wash will be given away each week.  Whoever gets the most “likes” by the end of July will receive a complete car detail courtesy of Five Points as well.  SoCal Auto Body and Camarillo Auto Body liked this idea so much, they have also thrown in one complete car detail each for the 2nd and 3rd most “liked” photos by the end of the month.

What is the point of the Ventura Dirty Car Challenge 2014?  As Ventura citizens, we need to examine how we currently use our water to find more efficient ways to utilize it in the future.  Water is a precious commodity.  It may sound silly to avoid washing your car for a couple of weeks.  However, when you multiply this small water savings by the millions of people that live in the Ventura area and throughout the entire state, you can see how much of an impact this will have.  We dare you to take the Ventura Dirty Car Challenge 2014 now.  The dirtier the car, the better!

Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

Ventura Fire Department in the Pink

The Ventura Fire Dept supports breast cancer awareness by promoting the sales pink T-shirts for the Ribbons of Life Foundation in Ventura now.October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Chances are you or someone you know has had to deal with this disease at one time or another.  The good news is that advances in treatment through years of research means a diagnosis is not always a death sentence.  Early detection is key for both women and men.  To support and promote breast cancer awareness, the Ventura Fire Department is in the pink and wants you to be, too.

Since October 6th, members of the Ventura Fire Department have switched from their regular gear to pink uniform shirts to show their support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  After tomorrow (October 19th), they switch back to their regular uniforms.  But you can show your support for breast cancer awareness by buying a special pink T-shirt at one of the many participating Ventura businesses.  Shirts will not be available for sale at the fire station, but they do have a list of local businesses that will have them available for purchase if you are interested.  Shirts are just $17 each.  But breast cancer survivors can pick them up for $13.  All proceeds benefit the Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation is a grassroots organization that was founded by members of the Ventura County community to help promote women’s health and disseminate valuable information related to breast cancer.  They were established in 2008.  Their efforts have helped many breast cancer fighters, survivors and their families through their trials and tribulations with the disease.

Help the Ventura Ribbons of Life Foundation raise money for breast cancer awareness in Ventura. Buy a pink T-shirt now!

Help the Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation as well as show your support for breast cancer awareness, research and treatment by buying a special pink T-shirt today.  The Ventura Fire Department is in the pink. You can think pink, too!

Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists