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Top Three Reasons Why Homeownership Rules

Top Three Reasons Why Homeownership RulesEven in today’s topsy-turvy economy, owning a Ventura home is still a solid investment.  Now that home prices are back at reasonable levels, mortgage rates remain incredibly low and inventory is plentiful, it’s a great time to buy.  Here are the top three reasons why homeowership rules:

1. It’s Yours – Obviously, if you own it, it’s yours.  But, when you own your Ventura home instead of renting it, you get to mold your living space into whatever you need or want it to be. You don’t need to ask permission from a landlord.  Also, the longer you stay in a home, the more equity you can build up.  Equity is the difference between what you owe on a property and what the property’s worth.  In past years, homes typically appreciated at a rate of 4-6% per year.  While some homeowners who bought a Ventura house when the real estate market was at its crazy peak a few years ago are experiencing negative equity right now, still more homeowners who have bought in just the last couple of years are experiencing a positive equity now.  When home values go up (and they will), your equity will increase as well.

2. Sense of Security – Studies have shown that kids raised in a home that is owned by their parents rather than renting have a lower rate of pregnancy and drug use.  This has been attributed to the fact that most homeowners stay in one place for a longer period of time rather than moving around from place to place every few months like renters tend to do.  Also, if you have a fixed rate mortgage, you know what your monthly payment is going to be two, three, five and even ten years down the road.  Rent, on the other hand, will fluctuate depending on how long your lease is and tends to increase after your lease is up.

3. Bargains Galore – I know we’ve said this before, but there are definitely bargains to be had in the Ventura real estate market.  Whether you’re looking to buy that first starter home, you need a larger place for an expanding family or your little ones have grown up and moved out so you need to downsize, you’ll find it here.  Ventura home prices are at exceptionally reasonable levels as well. When you partner that with interest rates hovering around 4%, it ends up being cheaper to buy than to rent a home.

What are you waiting for?  Contact us now so you can learn for yourself why Ventura homeownership totally rules!  Home prices in some areas are even beginning to go up.  So, don’t miss out on your opportunity to own your own piece of the American dream now!

Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

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Five Quick Water-Saving Tips

Five Quick Water-Saving TipsLiving in the dry Southern California climate, we are all too aware of how important it is to save water whenever possible.  Ventura County is just one of the areas in Southern California that experiences drought-like conditions.  You can do your part to help conserve water by following these five quick water-saving tips:

Watering Your Lawn Don’t water during the hottest part of the day.  Turn your sprinklers on at the very beginning of the day or the very end of the day to retain the most moisture.  The Ventura County heat can quickly evaporate water, leaving your plants and lawn thirsty for more.  Automatic timers for your sprinklers will help you control both the length of time and the time of day your landscaping gets watered.

Drought-Resistant Plants – While not completely water-free, using drought-resistant plants helps minimize the amount of water needed to keep them healthy. Visit your local nursery or home improvement store’s garden center to find out what plants are best to plant and how to care for them.

Flower Beds – Cover your plain dirt flower bed with mulch.  Not only does it retain moisture at the base of the plants (where it is needed most), but it also looks prettier.  Consider using soaker hoses instead of sprinklers to water your flowers.  This also keeps water closer to the roots and uses much less water than a sprinkler does.

Sprinkler Systems – Just like interior plumbing leaks, you need to do a thorough inspection of your Ventura County home’s sprinkler system to look for possible leaks.  Don’t forget to check your garden hose (including nozzle), spigot and sprinkler timer.  Your timer will need to be reset when the weather changes to adapt for more or less precipitation as well as to make sure the sprinklers run properly.

Rain Barrels – Even in the hot summer weather, we can experience the occasional rain shower.  Rain barrels can be used to capture rain water any time during the year.  This water can then be used for your gardens, flower beds and potted plants.

Outdoor water use can be controlled by following these five quick water-saving tips.  Help do your part to conserve water at your Ventura County home throughout the year.

Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

Originally posted on our Ventura County real estate blog here: