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water conservation tips

2015 Ventura Golden Lawn Conservation Expo

Fox Fine jewelry is hosting the 2015 Ventura Golden Lawn Conservation Expo on Aug 29th. They will announce the winners of the Gold is the New Green Contest.Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you know that California is in a severe drought right now.  The situation is dire.  We need to find ways to cut our water usage…and we mean CUT.  The 2015 Ventura Golden Lawn Conservation Expo will highlight several ways you can conserve water in our Ventura community.  And you might even win a prize in the process.

What: 2015 Ventura Golden Lawn Conservation Expo
Where: 500 Block Alley (Between Main St & the Parking Structure), Downtown Ventura
When: Saturday, August 29th 12pm to 5pm
Contact: Fox Fine Jewelry (805) 652-1800

2015 Ventura Golden Lawn Conservation Expo

Search homes for sale in Ventura CountyLocal business Fox Fine Jewelry is hosting a Gold is the New Green Contest.  Governor Brown has asked all Californians to curb their water usage by severely limiting how often they water their lawns.  Celebrate your brown lawn by entering the Gold is the New Green Contest.  Pick up a sign at Fox.  Post the sign on your beautiful brown lawn.  Take a photo of it along with your beautiful “gold” lawn and post it on the @foxfinejewelry Twitter account.  Make sure you tag it with #goldenlawn805.  Then, you will automatically be entered into the contest for a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree, theme park tickets or some other fabulous prize.

The 2015 Ventura Golden Lawn Conservation Expo is just the culmination of the contest.  You will learn about more about “green living” as well as ways to conserve water throughout your day.  Winners of the Gold is the New Green Contest will be announced live at the expo.

What are you doing to conserve water in your Ventura home?  We’d love to hear your tips.  Just leave them in the comments section below.

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426 N Catalina, Ventura, CA - Click here to find out more about this beautiful Ventura home for sale

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Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

Ventura Requests Voluntary Water Use Reduction

The City of Ventura is requesting a voluntary 10% water use reduction from Ventura residents as soon as possible or risk possible water rationing.As you may know, Governor Brown recently proclaimed a water shortage emergency throughout the state of California.  Water fed to Ventura residents through Ventura Water is provided by three main sources: the Ventura River, Lake Casitas and groundwater.  Water levels in the river have remained extremely low due to the lower than normal precipitation in the area.  Lake Casitas is currently at 60% capacity, with the allocation of water to be implemented if it reaches 50%.  In response, Ventura requests voluntary water use reduction by at least 10% from all its residents as soon as possible.

In the Kitchen

Search the MLS for Ventura County homes for saleNow would be a great time to consider upgrading your appliances to newer, more energy-efficient models in your Ventura home.  An EnergyStar dishwasher, for example, uses less than 5.5 gallons per load.  This is much more efficient than washing by hand.  However, if a new dishwasher isn’t in the budget, consider replacing the aerator in your faucet to help reduce the amount of water coming through.  If you refrigerator doesn’t have a “water in the door” option, fill a container with water and keep it in the fridge so you don’t have to run the faucet to wait for the water to get cold enough when you want a drink.

In the Bathroom

Did you know that approximately 25% of your entire indoor water consumption is in the bathroom?  Check for leaks in the toilet (this can waste as much as 500 gallons a day).  Replace the aerator in the sink’s faucet.  Don’t run the water when brushing your teeth.  Since shower heads can wear out, replace old ones with a more efficient WaterSense model.

In the Laundry Room

Another huge source of indoor water use in your Ventura home (approximately 25%) comes from washing laundry.  If a new washer/dryer set is in your future, consider front loading washers instead of top loading ones.  They use less water AND less energy to run.  Always use the proper water setting for each load and adjust accordingly.

Outdoor Watering

It stands to reason that the biggest culprit of water usage in any Ventura household is actually outside the home (as much as 50% of the total household water usage).  Install a timer for your sprinkler system to automatically set the time of day and amount of time you water.  Make sure your sprinklers are turned off during rainy weather.  During winter, you should only need to water once a week.  Use plants and grass native to the area for maximum water efficiency.  Once a month, check for leaky or misaligned sprinkler heads and broken pipes.

You can find out how your Ventura household fares in their water usage by using the water calculator at Home Water Works.  Ventura requests a voluntary water use reduction from all its citizens as soon as possible.  Please do your part so we don’t have to go to water rationing in the future.  Thank you.

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 1810 Marisol, Ventura, CA - Click here for more info on this beautiful Ventura hillside home with panoramic views

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Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

Five Quick Water-Saving Tips

Five Quick Water-Saving TipsLiving in the dry Southern California climate, we are all too aware of how important it is to save water whenever possible.  Ventura County is just one of the areas in Southern California that experiences drought-like conditions.  You can do your part to help conserve water by following these five quick water-saving tips:

Watering Your Lawn Don’t water during the hottest part of the day.  Turn your sprinklers on at the very beginning of the day or the very end of the day to retain the most moisture.  The Ventura County heat can quickly evaporate water, leaving your plants and lawn thirsty for more.  Automatic timers for your sprinklers will help you control both the length of time and the time of day your landscaping gets watered.

Drought-Resistant Plants – While not completely water-free, using drought-resistant plants helps minimize the amount of water needed to keep them healthy. Visit your local nursery or home improvement store’s garden center to find out what plants are best to plant and how to care for them.

Flower Beds – Cover your plain dirt flower bed with mulch.  Not only does it retain moisture at the base of the plants (where it is needed most), but it also looks prettier.  Consider using soaker hoses instead of sprinklers to water your flowers.  This also keeps water closer to the roots and uses much less water than a sprinkler does.

Sprinkler Systems – Just like interior plumbing leaks, you need to do a thorough inspection of your Ventura County home’s sprinkler system to look for possible leaks.  Don’t forget to check your garden hose (including nozzle), spigot and sprinkler timer.  Your timer will need to be reset when the weather changes to adapt for more or less precipitation as well as to make sure the sprinklers run properly.

Rain Barrels – Even in the hot summer weather, we can experience the occasional rain shower.  Rain barrels can be used to capture rain water any time during the year.  This water can then be used for your gardens, flower beds and potted plants.

Outdoor water use can be controlled by following these five quick water-saving tips.  Help do your part to conserve water at your Ventura County home throughout the year.

Dave and Pat Zumbrun, Your Ventura County real estate specialists

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