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Ventura Halloween Safety Tips

Keep the kids and yourself safe while you are out trick-or-treating tomorrow by following these simple Ventura Halloween Safety Tips. Photo courtesy @Scott Patterson - Dreamstime Stock PhotosTomorrow’s the big day…Halloween!  Next to Christmas, this has got to be most kids’ favorite holiday.  When else is it OK to go up to a home and demand a treat while threatening a “trick” if none is provided?  To keep our kids safe, the Police Department wants to remind parents of a few Ventura Halloween Safety Tips.

Whether you have little ones in the Ventura community that will be trick-or-treating or you are the one giving out candy, these Ventura Halloween Safety Tips should help you get through the night.

Ventura Halloween Safety Tips for the Trick-or-Treaters

  1. Before you go trick-or-treating, talk to your kids about never entering a stranger’s home.
  2. Make sure your kids are always under adult supervision, whether that is you or a trusted neighbor/family member.  If your kids are older, give them a curfew, go over which neighborhoods they will be in and make sure they always carry a cell phone with them in case of emergencies.
  3. Search the MLS for Ventura County homes for saleInstead of a mask, consider using face paint or makeup.  Masks can impede a child’s vision.
  4. Use light colors for costumes.  They are easier to see in the dark.  If your child’s costume is dark, use reflective tape to make it easier for vehicles to see them.
  5. At least one person in every group of trick-or-treaters should have a cell phone.  You never know when you may need it.
  6. Every child should carry a flashlight or have a glow-in-the-dark stick, bracelet or necklace on them.
  7. Inspect your child’s candy before they consume it.

Ventura Halloween Safety Tips for the Ventura Community

  1. Leave the porch light on.
  2. Only hand out pre-packaged, store bought candy.  Unfortunately, your homemade treats will most likely end up in the trash at the end of the night…for safety’s sake.
  3. Keep all pets inside and away from the front door.  The constant opening and closing of the door and the crazy getups of the trick-or-treaters can frighten your pet and send them bolting out the front door.
  4. Instead of candles, use LED lights to light up your jack-o-lanterns.  Unattended burning candles can be a serious fire hazard.
  5. Keep trash cans out of sight.
  6. At the end of the night, bring in your jack-o-lanterns.

Follow these simple Ventura Halloween Safety Tips and everybody will be able to enjoy a fun time tomorrow night.  Stay safe.  Happy Halloween!

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