Santa Paula - Citrus Capital of the World

Santa Paula is located in the geographical center of Ventura County. Santa Paula has a rich history and is home to almost 30,000 residents, with a total area of 4.6 miles. The climate is ideal, with sunshine throughout the year.

Santa Paula real estate is surrounded by hills and mountains and the last of the great citrus greenbelts in Southern California. Santa Paula is the heart of the Ventura County agricultural industry. It is also one of the last remaining historic downtowns in the southern half of California. The people of Santa Paula live the word “community”. When you think of Hometown USA, do you think of Main Street, well-kept homes and tree-lined streets with neighbors who wave to each other? If that is your mental image, then you have just seen Santa Paula. The City is doing a wonderful job at preserving a vanishing way of life in our modern America.

The historic downtown is everything downtown used to be. It is almost like stepping back in time. All of the buildings are original storefronts and are well maintained, neat and clean inside and out. The family-owned businesses of downtown meet you with a smile and a friendly “come-on-in”. Santa Paula real estate is 100 years old now and, for their centennial, the City removed the “modern lights” and replaced them with the “old-fashioned kind” as well as putting in planters and benches along the sidewalks. The City took an area that was already near-perfect and improved it. Downtown is also famous for its murals. They are absolutely superb. Currently, there are seven of these murals which depict the people and the town on the sides of various buildings.

Santa Paula Economy

The main industry in the city is agriculture, with oranges, lemons and avocados as the major crops. There are many growers in the area of all manner of produce. Santa Paula real estate is a major distribution point for citrus fruits in the United States and is also noted for avocado production and processing.

The city is home to several premier agricultural companies: Limoneria Company, Calavo Growers, Fruit Growers Supply, Saticoy Lemon Company, Shore Packing Company, Pan American Seed, Fruit Growers Laboratory and Rain for Rent. It is also home to two leading auto supply and product businesses: Automotive Racing Products and Bend Pak.

There are many retail businesses in the city, from the “chain store” to the “mom and pop”, all of which do very well. Tourism is another contributor to the local economy.

Santa Paula School System
Students living in Santa Paula have their public school needs met by several different school districts: Santa Paula Elementary School District, Santa Paula Union High School District, Briggs Elementary School District, Mupu Elementary School District and Santa Clara Elementary School District. These districts oversee eight elementary schools, two middle schools, one elementary/middle school and two high schools in Santa Paula. Additionally, there are two private schools available as an alternative to the public educational system in Santa Paula.

For higher educational opportunities, Ventura College has a campus located in Santa Paula while the world-renowned Thomas Aquinas College is situated right outside the city limits.

Santa Paula Tourism
Santa Paula is located in the Heritage Valley on Highway 126. It is a great “get-away” town and perfect for a romantic weekend or honeymoon. The area in and around Santa Paula has several attractions and historical sites. It is close to Ojai, Valencia (home of Magic Mountain), Los Padres National Forest, the Santa Monica Mountains, the beach and wineries. And that is just to name a few.

Santa Paula plays host to many special events a year. Each year it hosts the DeColores Art, Citrus and Heritage Valley Festivals. There are all types of “hometown” events, from parades to Ghost Walks.

The charm of Santa Paula and the hospitality of its people is the reason enough reason to visit the area. But, with what there is do see and do, it should certainly be on your “Do Not Miss” list.