Ever get the itch to do a DIY project? Whenever we do, our favorites involve getting outdoors and mixing up our landscaping features. Whether it’s as simple as installing some lighting or a little more time-consuming like re-plotting plants, a fresh look for the lawn always gives your Ventura home a fresh look as well. Plus, if you want to sell your home, this gets you ready to make a great first impression on buyers. Staging a home helps it sell anywhere from three to 30 times faster than unstaged ones. That includes outdoor “staging”. Part of outdoor staging includes your landscaping. Here are our top five easy DIY landscaping projects that even a novice can accomplish by themselves.

Before you put your Ventura County home up for sale, these easy DIY landscaping projects help create a great first impression for buyers.

Easy DIY Landscaping Projects

Create a Pathway

To guide you and visitors through your yard and link different areas together, install a pathway. You can use a variety of materials, including reclaimed pallet wood, flagstones, gravel, and more to add texture and color. Also, make sure the pathway is clear and well lit.

Add a Wall or Border

Installing a flagstone, rock, or brick wall around flower beds or trees adds a sleek, clean look to your landscaping. It also helps separate different sections of your yard.

Install a Water Feature

Nothing says “zen” quite like the sound of trickling water as you relax in your backyard. Therefore, another one of the easy DIY landscaping projects you can tackle o your own is installing a water feature. You can start simple with by purchasing and installing a small feature powered by a solar panel or create a larger focal point in your yard by installing a waterfall wall or small pond. Since water features recycle the water they use, this works really well where water can be in limited supply.

Light Your Way

An easy way to transform your yard is to strategically use lighting. Place cool-colored lights high in trees to recreate a moonlight feel. Use pathway lights to naturally guide the eye, or highlight objects or plants. Many solar options can be found either online or at your local home improvement store.

Plant Upwards

Expand your yard space by drawing the eye to the sky with a trellis fence or screen made of wood or metal. Once you install your trellis, select your climbing plants and vines. Then, get to planting!

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Easy DIY Landscaping Projects