Moving into a new Ventura County home is an exciting time. You’re probably daydreaming about how to decorate it, what paint schemes to use, and maybe even new furniture. But before you get into the fun stuff, there are some priority tasks you should concentrate on before you move in.

Once you move in to your new Ventura County home, there are a few tasks you may want to prioritize for your safety and convenience.

Priority Tasks for Your Move In

Change the Locks

Even if you’re promised that new locks have been installed in your Ventura County home, you can never be too careful. It is well worth the money to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no one else has the keys to your home. Changing the locks can usually be a DIY project. Or you can call in a locksmith for a little extra money if needed.

Steam Clean the Carpets

After changing the locks, get a fresh start with your floors before you start decorating. Pets, young children, or just some plain old clumsiness wreaks havoc with flooring. Take the time to steam clean the carpets to remove stains and allergens. Rent a steam cleaner from your local grocery or home improvement store.

Call an Exterminator

Then, prior to move in, you probably have not spent enough time in the house to get a view of any pests that may be lurking there. Call an exterminator to take care of any mice, insects, and other critters that may be hiding in your home.

Clean Out the Kitchen

Finally, if the previous occupants of your Ventura County home wanted to skip on some of their cleaning duties when they moved out, the kitchen is where they probably cut corners. Wipe down the inside of cabinets. Clean out the refrigerator. Scrub the oven. Clean in the nooks and crannies underneath the appliances.

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Priority Tasks for Your Move In