Easter Sunday falls on March 31st this year. But the Easter Bunny himself promised to come to Plaza Park a week early. He wants to offer Ventura children a chance to practice for the official big day. How? By participating in the Ventura Easter Egg Hunt.

Enjoy pre-Easter festivities with the Easter Bunny himself when you go to the Ventura Easter Egg Hunt 2024 at Plaza Park on March 23rd. Afterward, let the kids loose with unlimited rides in the Kids Zone (purchase required).

What: Ventura Easter Egg Hunt 2024
Where: Plaza Park, Downtown Ventura
When: Saturday, March 23rd from 10 am to 5 pm
Admission: Free (pre-registration required)

Ventura Easter Egg Hunt 2024

Organizers divided the official hunt up into four different age groups. First up? Kids of all ages who happen to have a disability start things off with their hunt at 10 am. Next, kids ages 0 to two search for eggs at 10:45 am. After that, kids ages three to five get their crack at the hunt starting at 11:30 am. At 12:15 pm, kids ages six to eight get to root around for Easter goodies. Finally, at 1:00 pm, the last group of the day, the nine to 12-year-olds get to look for these colorful treasures.

While your kids wait their turn and after they complete their hunt for Easter eggs at the park, let them loose in the Kids Zone. Here, they can slide, jump around in the bounce houses, ride the train, climb the rock wall, and much, much more. Plus, take pictures with the Big Bunny himself.

Ticket Info

While it costs nothing to participate in the Easter egg hunt itself, you still need to pre-register. When you pre-register, make sure you purchase your Kids Zone wristband as well. They only cost $19.99 per child and allow unlimited access to all of the rides in the Kids Zone. If you wait until the day of the event, prices for the Kids Zone go up to $35 per child. So, it makes sense to get them early.

Mermaid Month at Ventura Harbor Village

Remember: March is Mermaid Month at Ventura Harbor Village. March 23rd is the last day to see real live mermaids at the village. It also marks the last day to enjoy the Bubble House. But even if you miss out on this Saturday’s festivities because the Easter Bunny caught your children’s fancy, there are still plenty of other mermaid-centric activities going on the rest of the month. Just stop by the village to find out more.

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Ventura Easter Egg Hunt 2024